Virgin blogger seduced by freedom of expression

Well finally I have succumbed to the temptation of blogging. I have always been slightly embarrassed of expressing my views in discussions with my fellow human beings (probably due to an inherent fear of being wrong) but perhaps I will feel less critiqued for my views whilst writing on the web. There is something gloriously secretive about writing your views on the web- freedom of speech and all that- enabling you to express your views uninhibited and unencumbered. Some will say that displays my naivete and ignorance of the world of cyber bullying, yet social media has expanding our tools for communicating and expressing ourselves; whether the best of ourselves or the worst.

Regrettably I am not a cyper wiz, preferring a good old book and a bar of galaxy to the overload of tweets and tumblr posts some of my friends regard as relaxing fun, yet here I am. As a recent graduate in English Literature I am used to having my brain crammed with perplexing and unfixed ideas on the world, and now even though I am away from this I cannot (very very sadly) ignore it outside of University. It is like an illness that I both love and hate. I am STILL madly looking for answers to unanswerable questions. The paradoxes of life. And I am hoping that this blog will be an OUTLET for my rambling muses that keep me awake at night, consisting of:

  • feminism in modern society
  • horror film and gender analysis
  • my hesitant discovery of books not yet canonised (yes, yes I am one of those annoying pretentious people that assume anything highly esteemed is GREAT and anything undiscovered is RUBBISH)



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